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  The FAME group consisted of 25 partner institutions from 12 countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom).
Each partner country is represented by a Scientific and an Applied partner.
Applied partners are from water management authorities and responsible for the implementation of the WFD in their countries. They accompanied scientific partners throughout the whole project, provide information about the status of the WFD implementation in EU countries, evaluate the method in the field, test the PC software and support the dissemination of the results.

University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna
S. Schmutz (Co-ordinator), A. Melcher, G. Haidvogl, C. Frangez, A. Mühlberg
Federal Agency for Water Management
A. Jagsch, R. Haunschmid

Faculté Universitaires N.D. de la Paix, Namur
P. Kestemont, Delphine Goffaux, Gael Grenouillet
Centre de Recherche de la Nature, des Forets et du Bois
P.-D. Gerard, T. Demol
Institute for Forestry and Game Management
J. Breine, I. Simoens, C. Belpaire, Paul Quataert
Flemish Environment Agency
G. Verhaegen

Université de Lyon
D. Pont, B. Hugueny, J.M. Olivier, Crane Rogers, Yorick Reyjol
Conseil Supérieur de la Pêche
R. Berrebi, N. Roset

University of Hohenheim
J. Böhmer, H. Schmid
Fisheries Research Station of Baden-Württemberg
R. Haberbosch, R. Berg, U. Dussling

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
A. Economou, S. Zogaris, S. Giakoumi, Maria Stoumboudi, Roberta Barbieri
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
K. Karras

Institute of Ecology
V. Kesminas, T. Virbickas
Joint Research Centre, Environment Quality Assessment Div.
J. Molis

Inst. f. Inland Water Management & Waste Water Treatment
J. Backx, T. Buijse
Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research, NL
J. de Leeuw, E. Winter

Int. Centre for Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences
M. Lapinska, M. Zalewski, J. Bocian
Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection
W. Andrzejczak

Instituto Superior de Agronomia
T. Ferreira, J. Oliveira
National Forest & Wildlife Service, Inland Waters Fisheries Div.
J. Bochechas

National Board of Fisheries, Institute of Freshwater Research
U. Beier, E. Degerman, H. Wirlöf, J. Pettersson

University of Barcelona
A. Sostoa, N. Caiola
University of Lleida
F. Casals

University of Hull, International Fisheries Institute
I. G. Cowx, R. Noble
Environment Agency, National Coarse Fisheries Centre
A. Starkie, R. Borrough

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