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  Besides producing the European Fish Index and the European Fish Types as the main output of the FAME project, the project yielded further results. As a prerequisite for the method development, several basic concepts and tools were defined and agreed, including:
  • a concept for the definition of river types,
  • a concept for the identification of reference conditions,
  • a concept for the pre-classification of sites based on environmental variables,
  • classification of fish species occurring in FAME countries,
  • selection and calculation of potential metrics,
  • standardisation of a sampling procedure based on the CEN standard “Fishing with Electricity” (EN 14011).
The principles agreed upon in the “Basic tools” section were the basis for the FAME central database FIDES.

Apart from the site-specific approach, which enabled the development of the final FAME assessment method (the European Fish Index EFI), spatially based type-specific methods were developed on the ecoregional as well as on the European level.
All fish-based assessment methods developed during the FAME project and 9 existing methods were compared in terms of accuracy and consistency. Moreover the practicability of the standardized sampling procedure and the European Fish index was tested (see Method evaluation).

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